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Direct TV 4G LTE is the most advanced global standard for wireless broadband used to deliver Fixed and/or Mobile services. We connect your home or business to the nearest fibre point. Direct TV bring broadband to a base station on a mast in a rural area. We are completely flexible and can arrange a suitable time for one of our engineers to visit you and install your new 4G Broadband system.

Our innovative 4G Broadband solution is bringing high-speed internet connectivity to urban and rural households throughout Ireland and is particularly popular amongst our customers who, up until now, have been experiencing slow connectivity due to their location.

direct tv

Direct TV 4G Broadband is an Internet service provider. Our solution allows you to surf the web with confidence, stream movies and TV shows with ease and is ideal for multiple users, and sharing large files. It’s a simple plug and play solution and you are ready to browse the web.

Unsure whether our 4G Broadband solution is suitable for you? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, we are always available to answer customer queries and can talk you through the benefits of 4G Broadband as well as the installation process, allowing you to make a completely informed decision.

direct tv

At Direct TV, we know that there are a number of different ways to watch TV. Every customer is different and will have different requirements. We have a range of different services, with something to suit everybody.

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