Saorview is Irelands free digital TV service.

Signal is received through your aerial. Saorview allows you to keep your older TV set, without the need to spend hundreds upgrading to a new television. There are also options to choose a newer Saorview box with options to record and pause live TV. You can also choose to opt for a combi-box, where you can receive both Saorview and free to air satellite. This gives you a much wider range of channels to choose from.

Are you confused by all the different types of TVs, boxes and options? Have a look at our quick guide below to see what will best you. At Direct TV, we can advise you, based on what TV you have, if you have an aerial etc. If you have any questions, speak to us today, we will be happy to help.

Saorview Set Top Box

A Saorview box can be connected to your existing or older televisions. It is very convenient if you do not want to buy a new TV, or simply have a spare TV in a room you want to have channels on, like a guestroom etc

Saorview Plus PVR

This combi style box will allow you to watch all your Saorview channels, as well as having a tuner for satellite TV, allowing you to watch Free to air UK channels. We can advise you on what will best suit your needs.

At Direct TV, we know that there are a number of different ways to watch TV. Every customer is different and will have different requirements. We have a range of different services, with something to suit everybody.

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Saorview Approved TV

All the newer TVs sold in Ireland have built in Saorview Tuners. This means that you do not need to purchase an additional box. It means you have a new TV with just one remote.

Saorview Approved Combi TV

Similar to the combi box, a combi TV will allow you to combine your Saorview channels with Free to Air satellite TV. This means more choice for you.

What channels do I get with Saorview?

RTE 1 HD | RTE 2 | TV3 | TG4 | 3e | UTV Ireland | RTE News Now | RTE Junior | RTE 1 +1 | RTE Aertel Digital

The advantages of Saorview are

  • Better picture

  • Better sound

  • More choice

  • Get radio stations

  • Record, pause Live TV