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Satellite TV is one of our most popular products here at Direct TV.

We have installed Satellite TV in countless homes across the midlands. With Satellite TV, you have more choice than ever, with countless package options. You only pay for the channels you want.
Signal for Satellite TV is received in through a satellite dish. You will also have a Satellite TV box in your home.
We specialise in Satellite TV installations. We set up your dish where it will get the best signal, while being discreet. We try to keep it out of view where possible. Some companies hang them over doors and windows, making them an obstruction for you.

There is also the option to set up a multi room viewing system, where you only need to have one Satellite TV box receiver. This means that only one channel can be viewed at a time, but the station can be changed from any room.

With Satellite TV constantly evolving, you have access to some great features. Use your smart phone or tablet to set your Satellite TV box to record your shows, movies sports etc.

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Choose from a huge variety of channels and subscriptions.
Excellent quality – picture is clearer than ever.
Pause, record and watch TV at a time that suits you, record a show that is on every week, record two shows at once.
Watch Satellite TV in any room with multi-view.
Set reminders on your TV for your favourite shows.
Choose from regular or HD stations.
Parental Control. Ensure the kids can’t watch anything with an adult rating.
Interactive – get extra info and even play games with the interactive service.
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At Direct TV, we know that there are a number of different ways to watch TV. Every customer is different and will have different requirements. We have a range of different services, with something to suit everybody.

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